KEVDIDDY.COM – Where kids become the illustrator, singer, video producer, composer and artist.

Based on original songs geared toward kids, Kevin Levy created Kevdiddy.
You can:
~sing lead vocals and record karaoke style through the computer
~make their own Astronomy themed music video
~create their own comic book/ they become the illustrator
~solveĀ an interactive jigsaw puzzle and memory game
~paint an online coloring book or have that picture/coloring book mailed to their home
~Watch the wildest funnest music videos ever

Kevin Levy

I was born in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles and I always had a fascination with extreme sports. I was a sponsored skateboarder in my twenties. Kevdiddy has been my skating nickname since back in the early 1990’s, and also, since I was always coming up with random little sing-a-long “diddys,” on the guitar, that name stuck.

Kevdiddy Skateboarding

I’m an organic gardener and I eat directly from my land for about 7 months of the year. There’s nothing better then eating fresh vegetables and fruit right from your own backyard.
Astronomy has always been a passion of mine and I moved to Hollywood and got a job at NASA as well as the Griffith Observatory in LA teaching astronomy to the public. I love signing songs about deep outer space…there’s so much to learn.
I’ve been playing Ultimate Frisbee since 1998 and it’s one of the things that’s keeping me feeling young, healthy and happy.
This pic of me is from a Portland Spring League tournament back in 2007, jumping for the disc.


I bought my first guitar when I was 20 because I and so many poems and journals and I felt they needed a melody behind them. I’ve always been a songwriter in various styles of bands but it wasn’t till 1997 when I started Kevdiddy music and came out with my first album, Kid’s in Space.

Well, it’s time I do something productive…I’m off to walk on my hands for a bit.
I look forward to singing to you soon.


Friends who helped make Kevdiddy music.

I am thankful to have some of the most musically talented friends the world has ever known. The people who helped make this entire project come alive include: Daniel Miller on Bass and vocal harmonies (and the motivation to get me going) – Robin Jackson on Sax, Clarinet and vocal harmonies, Scott Magee on Drums, Carl Tietze on Keyboard, Nalin Silva on Lead guitar, Paul Brainard on Pedal steel guitar and Trumpet, Illima Considine on Cello and Kevin Levy on Lead Vocals, Rhythm guitar and weird noises . Recorded at Revolver Studios in Portland, OR with Nalin Silva as engineer, mixer, and co-producer. Matt Greco with Dead Aunt Thelmas Studio engineered and mixed Froggy Friends and Kangaroo Hop.
Kevin Levy as Producer and mixer. Mastered at Vita Mastering with Chris Vita and Sky Onion with Gus.
All songs written by Kevin Levy except where noted are written by Kevin Levy and friends.