KIDS IN SPACE – The Musical.

Coming to a Performing Arts theater-house near you.
Based on original songs and script by Kevin Levy.


Our beloved space alien, Marshak from KIDS IN SPACE comes to print in a unique way. Create your own interactive comic book.  That’s right, you become the illustrator. Imagine that.

JJ and his Crew from KIDS IN SPACE get ambushed by these plush and fuzzy Space-SpidersAhhhh these spiders are in my hair.


Elijah, Dayla and the crew zoomed past the Space Station. Such an Ethereal view. Create your very own outer space music video.



Jimmy and Max, two best-friend frogs living in the swamps, come alive and star in their very own animated series.  How cool are these frogs? Get your own epic FROGGY FRIENDS interactive picture/coloring book. Aww that was sweet.


And while you’re here, check out some cool music videos 

Brought to you by –
Kevin Levy


Kevdiddy Skateboarding