KIDS IN SPACE – The Musical.

Coming to a Performing Arts theater-house near you.
Based on original songs and script by Kevin Levy.


Our beloved space alien, Marshak from KIDS IN SPACE comes to print in a unique way. Create your own interactive comic book.  That’s right, you become the illustrator.

JJ and his Crew from KIDS IN SPACE get ambushed by these plush and fuzzy Space-SpidersCheck them out!


Elijah, Dayla and the crew zoom past the Space Station. What a beautiful sight. Create your very own music video and make your very own beautiful sight.



Jimmy and Max, two best-friend frogs living in the swamps, come alive and star in their very own animated series.  How cool are these frogs? Get your own epic FROGGY FRIENDS interactive picture/coloring book. Aww that was sweet.


And while you’re here, check out some cool music videos 

Brought to you by –
Kevin Levy


Kevdiddy Skateboarding



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