Navajo was so much fun to film. Our whole crew drove up to Smith Rock in Central Oregon and stayed over night to film this two day shoot. The views when we first pulled up took our breath away. We were originally going to use my car as the main vehicle and I was going to pick up Daniel Schwister (Navajo), but when Daniel pulled up on his motorcycle on that first day all of us just stared at each other with a big smile.

Motorcycle ride with Daniel
I had to slightly modify the song lyrics back at the recording studio from me picking him up in my car, to him picking me up on his motorcycle. It worked out great!

Hiking around Smith Rock during the video shoot was amazing. We were all a bit nervous for Austin Hobart (Cameraman) for he was carrying around this expensive Red camera up and down slippery slopes, steep rocks and huge cliffs. He managed just fine and his brilliant camera work captured the essence of this video.

Marina Valentina’s masterful editing for this video helped to make it shine, and she also created the most epic stop-motion sand and face painting I have ever seen. Without Hale Mednick’s powerful live action directing I would of been just a stump on the ground.
Thank you to everyone who helped make this Navajo music video a reality.