Living in the Forest

I think I want to live in the forest for a few months, possibly in Hawaii which can be an ideal place if you want to live off of the land and out of civilization. I figure the months would be from late Spring till the start of Fall. I will only bring my tent, art supplies/guitar, general camping gear and food basics such as few pounds of rice, grains and a variety and dried food. I will find a spot that is along side a clean running fresh water stream.

camping near a stream

I will also bring a variety of vegetable seeds to grow a garden big enough for me to eat from for those few months and plant them at weekly intervals so I will always have a constant food supply. Firewood will be a plenty to cook food with and making fish traps out of sticks is quite effective. Fresh fish doesn’t get any better….yum.

fish traps

Hawaii is tropical and there will be plenty of delicious ripe fruit trees like papayas, avocados, bananas, kiwis, pineapples, mango’s and some fruit I’ve never heard.

tropical fruit tree

Building alternative shelter and tools out of wood and the nature that surrounds me will be a challenge but but I look forward to it. I’m still deciding if I want to be alone or bring someone to share this amazing adventure with? The thought of a lovely lady by my side does sound quite appealing and daily waterfall hikes together can be very…..inspiring.


Keeping myself entertained and finding new projects to work on will be endless and amazing. My science/astronomy background will make for some beautiful star talks. I will live off of the land, I will learn off of the land.  I will paint the landscape, I will skinny dip the stream.  I will cook how food is meant to be eaten, I will love like no other. Exotic birds will fly and exotic plants will weep in the wind. I will dream into the fire pit and I will sing to the trees.

kev playing guitar in forest

The vegetable garden will start to die off approximately around the same time as when fall rolls around. By then it will be time to pack up and move back into the normal life. Or wait, which one is the normal life?

Maybe I’m thinking too BIG for now and all I really need is a fun local camping trip for a week.