My amazing journey in Tokyo and Kyoto

Going to Japan has always been a passion of mine. Last year I turned that passion into a reality and spent a month traveling the country. I visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. I stayed in youth Hostels the entire time and met many great friends from around the world . I saw historical parks, revolutionary museums, kings castles, bamboo jungles and ancient rivers such as this beautiful Katsura River.

The food in Japan is AMAZING and some of my favorites were the ramen noodle houses that were tucked away along small residential streets. The sushi bars are some of the best in the world, they serve up the freshest fish with selections that I’ve never heard of. Of course, the tuna, salmon and yellowtail were of perfection!
Sushi in Tokyo

I remember walking alone into this one restaurant in Nara and the sweet hostess seated me at a large table full of people that had one empty seat remaining. Oh My! I realized quickly that everyone spoke very little or no English and for the first few minutes the table was silent. I felt very shy at first but I just smiled and expressively told them that I loved the food and how everyone in Japan has been so nice to me. Then the table broke out into laughter and for the rest of the evening it was big smiles and small talk. They kept offering me more and more sake. Ahhh, I love this place.

While in Tokyo, the nightlife completely came alive in Shibuya. The city was intensely glowing in Akihabara and the Karaoke was playing everywhere. I think I got up and sang The Beatles Obla-Di Obla-Da in Shinjuku. The subways were safe, clean, crowded and efficient.

On a more historical side of my travels, I saw beautiful shrines, powerful temples, castle motes, ancient cemeteries and the Philosophers Path in Kyoto which was stunning.
philosophers-path in kyoto
I look forward to traveling back to this wonderful country as often as I can. The people are so beautiful and so very nice. Seriously, everyone was so friendly that I felt comfortable where ever I went. Even my very own Youth Hostel in Osaka had a fun party on the main level and invited all of the guests to be apart of the gathering. They were making sweet pancake balls with octopus in the middle. Delicious.

I must of walked ten miles every day sight-seeing every fun place and going up and down the residential streets. Being a Realtor here in Portland, Oregon I can greatly appreciate the architectural styles of the homes. Japan has such a unique way of building. I love the roof-lines, curb appeal and landscaping that were so imaginative.


And of course, I must repeat my self….the food was amazing. Every where I went was a delicious new restaurant that I couldn’t wait to step inside. This only means one thing. I must return…and soon. Where should I visit next? I want to go to a Japanese Onsen and enjoy a luxury bath in the outdoors. I also want to see some good live music…any recommendations?
My adventure awaits.