My Butterfly Dream

kev in gardenWhile walking through my backyard veggie garden, I found an innocent flower of unique beauty connected to an overgrown artichoke plant, just swaying in the sun. I carefully picked it so I can show off its powerful beauty. A sunburst center of deep-purple pine-needle petals graced my bedroom desk. What I didn’t realize was, there were two caterpillars cocooned on the underside leaves.artichoke flower

A week later I awoke from a flying dream only to witness floating butterflies dancing around my room like cartoon Angels in a controlled windstorm. Their wings were syncopating to the beat of my fish tank bubble pops. Free of worries and beautiful as life itself, their insect aura gave off a deep shine, their wings were like a Mozart melody oil painted on a canvas of clouds.

butterfly Landing back on the flower that once housed their silk tombed pre-flight life, their antenna eyes stared at me as if to say, “wish you were me”. Not sure if I was dreaming or awake, I tried to float along side them by using my mind as an airport. Realizing their kingdom of freedom was limited to my bedroom walls, I opened up my window and waved bye to them… and myself.
flying dream